Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vintage Matchbook Wall Art

I once saw this great idea for wall art on the internet once but cannot find it again. Some person had arranged vintage matchbooks in rows and simply framed it. But it turned out uber awesome! My husband and I found a huge jar of old matchbooks at an antique store several weeks ago, and we bought three frames. We decided to arrange the matches in rows of color for the biggest frame and just used double stick tape to set them in place. However, one matchbook has come undone now, so we might have to go back and use a dab of glue.

"Think small." Our absolutely favorite matchbook because of it's shape, simple design, and mostly because the ad was reference in Mad Men. :)

The finished product! It was actually very easy to make. The fun part was digging through the matches and picking our favorites to be put on display.

We also made two more wall hangings, so the pictures could be displayed altogether as a set. Some of the matchbooks had such interesting colored matches like the ones above. I opened them to expose the colors and funny messages inside when they were framed.

Daniel really liked the idea of grouping the beach scene matchbooks together. A pretty cool theme.


  1. this is awesome!!! I really love the big one all in rows of colors! looks GREAT! :)

  2. Very creative. What a great conversation piece.

  3. These are damn classy, nice work!

  4. i can't believe how old and cool those matchbooks are. GOOD FIND. and good use of the find.


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