Monday, October 4, 2010

Manly But Stylish

As my very manly husband is downstairs yelling at the television (the Philadelphia Eagles are losing...), I am wrapping this very manly but stylish present for his birthday coming up. Notice the paper of choice. Very manly. The ram, a male animal, represents strength and dominance. Blue, the color parents choose for baby boys and is therefore a more masculine color than red or pink (which is very random to think about, because it is strange our culture gives colors gender connotations). The button, not manly but has a nice touch. Twine, rough texture and with knots. Yes, I think this manly wrapping will tickle his whimsy of manly things. Now that this is finished, I will go downstairs. The game is done. The Eagles have lost. And, my hubby will want me to hold him.

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