Thursday, September 2, 2010

Almost that Time of Year: Tea Time

I'm getting antsy about sweater weather! It's been a hot summer, especially with no ac in the my mind has been a wanderin' through thoughts of leggings, fall boots, pumpkins, crunchy leaves, and tea. I LOVE hot tea, but my body can't physically take it unless it's at least 70 degrees or colder. If I tried, my head would get over-heated and I would feel like throwing up (like at yoga this past Tuesday. I have never sweated so much in my life!). Since I can't quench my tea cravings in summer, then I scurry around and store all my lovely tea things in a pile in the cupboard for when I can snuggle cozily inside my home and indulge. Now, I have a number of new loose leaf teas, some old but still good tea bags from last year, a couple happy mugs I like to use, and two infusers. I just bought one of the infusers at an antique store and thought how whimsical it would be to make a collection of them. Here are some neat ones I came across online and am secretly coveting...shhhh....

Too fun. Blurp...bluuurp...(I'm trying to write out how I think a submarine sounds, but it sounds better when I say it in person.) Tea Sub [by Ototo, via Monkey Business]

Wonderfully morbid; rooibos is the tea of choice for this floating trinket. [by Pablo Matteoda, via Matteoda's blog, Trends Updates]

I like round things... tea infuser and sacuer [via Arta]

Just plain cute. The Better to Brew You With Teacup and Infuser [via ModCloth]


  1. oohhhhh these are so wonderful. mine are pretty boring. maybe time for an upgrade!!! also. lovely party the other day. your backyard was simply magical.

  2. thanks, kathryn! i can't wait for halloween now! and my tea infusers are pretty boring as well, except i have one shaped like a tea pot, but that's all...i should ask for a cool infuser on my christmas list.


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