Friday, July 17, 2009


Blueberry Mint Cupcakes

Mmmm...this blueberry mint cupcake recipe looked so delectable that I had to try it.

But mine didn't turn out so wonderful as the recipe sounded, just mediocre. I couldn't taste the mint because my mint plant is really limpy and pathetic. And I couldn't taste the vanilla in the frosting because I didn't use a real vanilla bean and do not know where I could buy one. So they just taste like the usual blueberry cupcake, which isn't at all too bad I suppose.

At least my husband likes 'em.

Wedding Calendar

If you're figuring out an alternative to the usual guestbook at weddings, try this idea! I wanted something that I would keep using and looking at even after the wedding. So I made a one year calendar starting with our first month of marriage. I tried corresponding pictures chronologically along with the months that they were took.

I made sure to leave plenty of space free for wedding guests to write their well wishes and blessings.

The calendar ends with May, allowing us to celebrate our first year of marriage together. Since we really liked this idea, we are going to make it a tradition to save pictures to put in a calendar for the following year.
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