Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Early Spring Cleaning

To brush away my winter blues I have decided to do an early spring cleaning (early-as in, there is still snow on the ground). And what cheers me up more than spring cleaning is METICULOUS spring cleaning! Don't judge me; it's just the way I am.

For example, I usually wouldn't care about this pile of embroidery thread lying around. But it looked way too fun! I've looked at ideas of cutting pieces of heavy paper and winding the thread around it and color coding them in a box. Eh, too much tracing and paper-cutting.

So instead, I used corks as a kind of spool. First, I taped one end of the thread down. Then simply wound it around.

I used a craft knife to make a small nick at the top to pinch the loose end of the string in place.

A little basket will be perfect for holding the rest of these cork spools in.


  1. so adorable. i am very sad to say i just threw away a lot of corks. i couldn't stand the space they were taking up. i am going to clean, thank you for inspiring me!!!


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