Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's In Our Belly


Aldi is fuuuull of surprises. Yesterday I found they have acorn squash for a dollar something each! Yessss! (They also have big pumpkins for $1.99. Seriously.) So in preparation for dinner tonight I scanned foodgawker and found this recipe: Acorn Squash (from Sweets by Sarah). Easy Schmeesy! Just five ingredients: acorn squash, kosher salt, butter, brown sugar, and pecans. I didn't quite follow the measurement of the ingredients; I eyed it. I skipped the kosher salt (for no reason. I just forgot...oops) But it still turned out spectacularly delicious. Daniel particularly enjoyed it because he has a stuffy nose from allergies, and the warm, soft, sweet acorn squash soothed him.

Out of laziness, I thought it too much to take pictures of the whole process of following the recipe, like what some bloggers do. So I just snapped a shot of the end result: clean spoons and clean-scraped squashes.'s in our belly.

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