Sunday, January 12, 2014

Think of the Possibilities!!!

As I've mentioned before, I am really into earring studs in a BIG way right now. I found this great tutorial on Hello, Whimsy, a DIY jewelry blog, which is going to expand all the possibilities of my earring collection! Hello, Whimsy was inspired by the Mise en Dior collection and showed her readers how they could create the same look.

(picture source: Hello, Whimsy)

Hello, Whimsy had such a great but unbelievably easy tutorial. You can see the directions and other great tutorials by clicking on the link under the pictures from her blog. Basically, all you have to do for this project is glue plastic earring backs into the hole of another bead, and use it as an earring back for an existing stud you already have. Ta daaaa! Easy, right? I was even suprised after finishing one pair. "That's it?!" 

(picture source: Hello, Whimsy)

I'm on a tight budget, so I had to work with what I already had. I managed to find a few glass and wooden beads. Unfortunately, Hello, Whimsy warns against using glass beads, probably because they're too heavy and could fall off. I decided to risk it knowing these pieces are being reused from old jewelry I no longer wanted and took apart. So they're basically free? Sort of...Anyways, no loss if they fall off. Besides, I think they turned out pretty stellar!

Here are the first one I made. I especially like the plain wooden bead I used and seeing it's natural grain with the hot pink stud. I love the pops of color of these earrings and how unique and modern they look. As a result, I went a little crazy and made a few more...

These wooden beads were being thrown out at my school, and I found a way to dress them up a bit with some paint and nail polish.

You can see my creative and ghetto way of allowing the beads to dry. That's how I roll...

I now have an endless number of combinations! It's like gaining more than 20 new pairs of earring for the price of free! :)

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