Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Order Out of Chaos

I have reason to be on edge today. I endured a chaotic fire drill at school, at which I carried an infant in each arm down the stairs while shuffling along a line of screaming toddlers only to go outside in the freezing cold with only my slippers on and no coat. (Deep breath) It's all over, and we are all safe. We were sent home early after the whole fiasco, and after accomplishing several tasks on my cleaning to-do list I figured I deserve a soothing and almost therapeutic activity: sorting buttons.

I haven't done this in a real long time, but since my craft room has been so clean lately I have a wide open space on my table to work on it. I was not alone in the sorting. My husband joined me in my craft room, which is rare. He read something scary online and didn't want to be alone, hehehe. I guess he needed some relaxing therapy too.

I have a ton of buttons! Most are sorted, but I have a few containers I've bought from recent estate sales that haven't been touched yet. We sifted and seperated and standardized them by color and sorted them in different jars. A few buttons were unique and almost had a personality of their own; these ones we put on a tray. I use the unique buttons for inspiration when I begin forming them into special collections. 

I don't know what it is about sorting a bunch of tiny items that makes it relaxing. We could have been sorting legos, change, or even puzzle pieces and the result would have been the same. Also, currently we are listening to Damien Jurado, who performs pretty chill music. A little Damien Jurado and a cup of hot tea will help anyone set the mood to unwind for the evening. I believe I'm ready for bed now. Here's to hoping for a normal day at work tomorrow!

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