Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding Tree Centerpieces

Just because you add the word "wedding" in front of a word does not mean it should automatically double or triple in price (for example, wedding invitations, wedding dress, wedding cake). And just because you are having a wedding does not mean you should spend way over your budget hiring other people instead of using your own hands and creativity. Make it yourself = more money in your pocket.

So for my wedding we dropped the whole wedding flowers idea and made our own table centerpieces.

We saved branches from a tree my mom pruned in the front yard, let them sit out to dry for a couple days, painted them white, and glued blue cardstock and vellum leaves. The result-unique and crafty centerpieces that made my piggy bank happy. We stuck the branches in candle votives we found at a thrift store. Since there was already wax in the votives we just melted it enough that we could stand the branches upright and let the wax harden around it.

And unlike real flowers, I can enjoys these still today and use them for entertaining.

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